The “Asian” eyelid refers to the characteristic absence of the upper eyelid crease in people of East Asian descent. This crease is known as the “supratarsal fold” and is almost universally present in Caucasian eyelids.

What is double eyelid surgery?

Double eyelid surgery is a specialised blepharoplasty surgical procedure that involves the creation of a natural looking crease in the upper eyelid. The surgery can improve the shape and contour of the eyes, provide a brighter and more youthful appearance, and can make the application of makeup far easier.

Asian Eye Lids

What are the different surgical methods?

Broadly, the methods can be classified as “closed” or “open” depending on whether a continuous incision is made in creating a supratarsal fold. In reality, there are many variants based on the same surgical principles of creating a connection between the eyelids skin and the underlying structures. Surgical methods include: Traditional closed method: buried suture only 3 point buried suture method – a variant of the suture method Open incisional method

What is involved in the closed suture method?

This procedure is generally performed under local anaesthetic. The position of the new upper lid fold is carefully planned and marked. Small punctures are made in the upper eyelid skin along this line and very fine stitches are passed through these spaces to create a connection between the upper eyelid muscle layer and the new skin fold. This method is often suitable for young patients with no skin excess. It is the quickest method and is associated with minimal swelling following the operation. While this method is effective and relatively quick to recover from, the main disadvantage is that it does not allow for skin or fat removal. This is also a very small risk of the stitches failing and the fold “unraveling” over time. If this were to occur the procedure may need to be repeated.

How is the (Korean) 3 point suture method different?

This method utilizes the principles of buried suture technique, but makes three small incisions made at key points in the eyelid skin. The main advantage of this method is to be able to remove fat. Once again this is only suitable in younger patients with no skin redundancy.

How is the incisional method performed?

This procedure can also be performed under local anaesthetic. During the procedure, the new upper lid crease is carefully measured and marked, and the incision planned based on this level. The incision method allows for identification of all anatomical layers and removal of fine connective tissue that leads to multiple or unstable folds. Two layers of stitches are placed, allowing for a dynamic double eyelid creation. With increasing refinements in technique the required incision is now increasingly becoming shorter and more camouflaged. This is the preferred method of Mr Lin, especially if there is existing asymmetry or previous surgery. It is used in most Asian centres in Korea, Japan and China. An epicanthoplasty can be performed in conjunction with this method to address the hooding of skin at the inner corner of the eye

Why is a “dynamic” fold important?

The creation of a “dynamic” upper eyelid fold is a modern technique used with incisional method. It was first described by South Korean surgeons and it is the preferred technique used by Dr Lin. It is a variation of the traditional incisional method that preserves the natural glide plane between the upper eyelid skin and muscle that is fixed to the tarsal plate. This requires meticulous dissection of tissue and separate layers of fixation (as opposed to a single layer in traditional methods). Once healed, this technique allows the skin to gently glide over the newly created double eyelid fold, which closely mimicks the movement of a “natural” double eyelid fold found in some Asians and all Caucasians. Quite simply, it is the closest possible thing to a natural fold.

Where is surgery performed?

Your operation may be performed at our fully equipped procedure room in our main facility in Box Hill. If deeper levels of sedation is preferred, the operation can be performed at a number of fully accredited private hospital. In a private hospital, one of our fully accredited specialist anaesthetists will administer the anaesthetic and care for you for the duration of the operation.

What can I expect in terms of recovery after surgery?

Generally eyelid surgery is performed as a day case in the rooms or hospital. It is common to have: Some mild discomfort following the procedure, which is usually well controlled with oral medications. Swelling and bruising which persists for several days (in suture methods), or 1-2 weeks following incision method. Overall, in 80% of our patients, the majority of swelling will be resolved by 2 weeks. Most patients usually return to office work after one week. Light exercise and physical activities can usually resume after 2 weeks. Heavy sporting activity usually need 3-4 weeks of recovery.

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As specialists in double eyelid surgery, we offer three different surgical methods; closed suture, 3 point suture and the incisional method. While the incisional method is our preferred form of Asian eyelid surgery, we are able to perform each of the above methods to the highest standards. Ultimately when you visit Eastern Plastic Surgery, it’s our goal to deliver you with natural double eyelid surgery, otherwise known as Asian eyelid surgery Melbourne wide. Book your consultation with the finest in double eyelid surgery Melbourne can offer today.

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